Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Look who showed up yesterday.


20150914_130700So dad got home a little early yesterday and he was working in the garage.

Mom went out to check on him (she worries about him with all that sharp stuff) anyway, when she opened the door, this is what she saw.

She called to dad and said look at this bird on the railing, what is it? Dad knows all kinds of stuff, so he told her-----beats me. Mom fussed and fussed, and finally got on something she called GOO----Gal, (Google) and found that dad’s guess (he always guesses if he’s not sure) was right and it was a baby hawk.

Little hawk stayed around all day, dad got pretty close to it once to put a dish of water out for it, but he knows to NEVER try to touch a wild bird unless it’s hurt. We ( Annie and I) were worried about it, but we never even barked at it, kinda wanted it to stay.

But after a few hours, it was gone. Mom said we were blessed today, because we got to see something beautiful that lives in the wild. I was just happy because we live in a home where all animals are deemed wonderful.

Hope you are blessed today with something you never saw before. Maybe it could be us.


the quiet, Quigley and Annie

Sunday, September 13, 2015

What does traitor mean and who is Benedict Arnold

Happy, happy  joy, joy happened this weekend. Our sweet Shelli came to visit. We were a little sad because Camille and Andy stayed home, but we adjusted..
20150913_122343But then all of a sudden new words came out of mom’s mouth. Words like traitor (and when she said it, she gave us really strange looks) and something about being a Benedict Arnold.
Now what was that all about. It started the first night our sweet Shelli was here and we didn’t want her to be lonely, so we slept with her in her room and in her bed. Mom shouldn’t have cared, dad was still with her, but for some reason it made her say these silly words.
I mean it’s not like she doesn’t love Shelli, she really does, a lot. And she generally isn’t stingy with anything, but geeze, a little love to our girl and she gets all weird on us. We made up for it last night tho, we sadly let Shel sleep alone
 and went back to our bed upstairs.
Do any of you understand any of this?
We hope you get to be with someone you love that you don’t see everyday, and that no one calls you names.
Love, traitor and Benedict Arnold,
we mean Annie and Quigley

Sunday, August 23, 2015

It was a LOVE fest----------


20150819_171025So mom and dad, told us to get in the car. And it was full of stuff---never a good sign. That always means that we are going to have to be in the car for a longgggggggggggggggggggggggg time. And we were.

But when we got to our destination, (mom said it only took a little over 4 hours, but if you ask Annie or me, it really took about 4 years) this was our reward.

Our dear sweet Camille.

She and I (Quig) had a little lay down, and a little face time. She doesn’t mind one bit if I kissed her over and over. A little dog lips never hurt anyone.

20150821_085843And this is our house when we go to the farm. Nice huh?

Camille got to spend the night, one of the nights we were there and this is how we started our day. Again, she loves puppy kisses and Annie thought she was the sweetest thing.

Oh we had the best of times, we got to run in the field, I (Quig ate horse poop, mom said it was disgusting, I thought it just tasted wonderful) We played with Andy, and Norman and Lady walked with us every morning.. We have lots more pictures and a video of Camille riding her newest horse. His name is Simon and mom thinks he is super sweet.

So stay tuned, more pics will be coming soon.

Hope you get puppy kisses every morning, and can run the fields every day,

WE love you,

Quigley and Annie

Monday, August 10, 2015

My mom missed it----


20150809_133417She is so sad about it, but we don’t really care. What did she miss you ask? It was our birthday. Since we got here, she thought our birthdays were in August. But she found out today that they are in July. Which means, she missed it.

We are 4 years old now, and its been a wonderful 3 plus years here with mom and dad.

20150809_133459As you can see, life is slow and easy. We can lay on the deck or in the yard,

20150809_133802OR on the cool kitchen floor. Anywhere we want, life is good in our house.

It’s was a wet June and July, then really, really hot in August. So we haven’t been doing too much, but next week, we are off to Shelli’s, so who knows what kind of trouble we can get into there.

So until then, hope no one misses your birthdays and that you always have someplace cool to lay your head.

We love you all,

Quigley and his little sister Annie

Thursday, July 9, 2015

We may be a little fuzzy, BUT

20150630_071020can you see how happy we are. Aunt Maria came to visit a little while ago and this is how we act. There was a lot of twirling and talking and licking going on. She just laughs and tells us how sweet we are. That is one smart lady.
20150705_170204Here is Annie keeping a paw on dad. Sometimes he just needs grounding, and that one little paw will do it.
We know it’s been awhile since we came by to visit, but it is either raining here or just too hot to go out, so we are being really boring. Hopefully we will do better soon.
But remember we love you and think about you all the time,
The wiggly, Quigley and the settling Annie

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Oh the indignities-------


20150616_200431Now we all know I have beautiful hair. It’s soft and luxurious. The color, well it makes everyone stop and stare.

20150616_200521But beauty comes at a price and this is it.

20150616_200537I really hate being brushed, I love being petted, but brushing is just annoying.

20150616_200547The hair on my back legs on my underbelly is curly, one of my most adorable things (if you ask me or my mom, she loves that curly hair). But because of that it tangles a lot.

20150616_200551So I can only take the brushing for so long. Dad is one determined man, boy when he gets going, he just doesn’t know when to stop,

20150616_200555Finally I have to take matters into my own hands and just say no………. I’ll eat that thing if I have to.

But I guess it’s all worth it, when it’s done I’m even more beautiful than ever and if only I could not roll in bunny poop I’d stay that way a lot longer.

Oh well, hope you all have a wonderful day.Let someone brush your hair, it means they love you,

If you were close enough I’d lick your feet, I’m not tall enough to brush anyone’s hair.

Remember we love you,

Annie and her always beautifully coifed brother, Quig

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day or Night

We so love each other. We hate to be too far apart, and lucky for us our mom wouldn’t have it any other way.
The other day, we went for a ride with mom. We went to a place called St. Vincent DePaul’s. It is a cool place where you can donate stuff you just don’t want anymore.
While mom was putting her stuff in the bin outside, some guy (we think he volunteers there) came out to empty the bins and took one look at me, (Quig) and fell in love.
He asked mom if she wanted to get rid of me------can you believe it? Mom wanting to give me up=======NEVER. She kind of laughed and said, no sir, no way. But he asked her again. Said he’d love to have me, he really liked the way I look. Again,, she said nope—and then added, he would have to cut both her arms and legs off and then cut her heart out before he could ever get close enough to even think about it, and then he’d have to go through dad.
Not happening.
Maybe he thought because we were there, that’s what she wanted. You know with all the donating stuff. Mom said we were never going on that ride again.

So here we are, together, in our house with each other and the parents. This is where we belong and where we will stay forever.
It is nice to know I’ve still got it though,
Love, the most beautiful Quigley and his forever sister, Annie.