Tuesday, January 6, 2015

And they called it puppy love-----


DSC_0725As mom told you this morning, we love,love,love the snow. We’ve been in and out a million times, at least that’s what mom says. Something about having to get up and letting us out and then having to get up  and letting us in……Oh well


And this is what is called sibling rivalry. Don’t look to close at Annie’s crazy face, the minute this was done, she was kissing me hard. I don’t want you to worry, we never really fight, this was just good clean fun.

Go back to the first picture of the angelic little pups, that love you so much, and forget about the crazy one that came next.

Stay warm and dry,

the jeckal and hydes of the dog world,

Annie and Quigley

Just like mom promised-------


20150106_085409It came back. The snow that is, and we are so HAPPY. When we got up this morning, mom said we were going to be thrilled. Of course I (Quigley) figured she was going to feed us, that always thrill’s me, but that wasn’t it. Oh she fed us alright, but she opened the door to let us out and that beautiful, white, wet, fluffy stuff, came back.

The first thing we did, was run and chest bump each other. Then we rolled in it, and decided to try sledding, without the sled, just each other to ride on.

Oh the joy, when we came in, we were wet and covered with snow, but filled with love. For the parents, who let us act like wild animals (we keep having to remind mom that we are animals) and come in to warm by the fire, and on the couch. We sure have the life.

Hope your snow is fluffy, and roads are safe.

And know that the snow covered kids love you,

Quigley and qnnie

Saturday, January 3, 2015

It’s been a coughing New Year at our house.


20141225_095357I know New Years eve is suppose to be loud. You know with fireworks and bells and balls falling. But coughing????????

It all started with mom over Christmas, she was not feeling well at all, but she pushed through. She loves Christmas so much and she wasn’t letting a silly old cold stop her. But then she shared it with poor old dad, and it hit him REALLY hard. So instead of bells and whistles, we had coughing, loud and hard.

Mom’s really sorry, and I’m trying to be good, so he can finally feel better.

We would appreciate if you’d keep good thoughts for him, and please, don’t any of you get sick .

Hugs and kleenex, to all our friends,

Quigley, the care giver

Sunday, December 28, 2014

This is my boy----


DSCN0031Oh I know to all of you he looks like a man, but to Annie and I, he is our boy. He is just one more person who loves us a bunch.

The only bad thing is, he only comes one time a year, so we have to wait a long time for his next visit and we store up lots of energy and love to give to him.

That is just one more thing that makes Christmas so special.

Here’s hoping that your special boy or girl got to come home for Christmas and that all the love you have to give, got given……..

Love, a very happy,


Saturday, December 27, 2014

If you think I look a little fuzzy,


20141225_092907you should see poor dad.

We think it’s all mom’s fault. She started it by getting sick the week before Christmas. As a matter of fact, she was talking for a week or so before that saying she was fighting something. (Now if we fight it’s a bad thing, but she was acting like this was a good thing----go figure) But that something she was fighting finally won. And she got a cold. But she took lots of Vitamin C, tylenol for her ache’s and pains and she won.

Dad thought he had gotten away with not getting her sick, and was very proud. But then BAM on Christmas night, he started coughing, and it went down hill from there. So here we are, mom not quite 100%, and dad not even making 1%. That means no walking for us, and it’s going to be a long weekend.

Luckily we have new toys to play with, and mom will take us for a ride or two today, but no long walks.

Hope that all of you are healthier than mom and dad and that someone will take you for a walk.

Love, the not so fuzzy,


Thursday, December 25, 2014

And so this is Christmas

20141225_085744I20141225_090814It seems that this  happens one time a year. And we have to say it is wonderful.
Our dear friend Miss Sandy came to visit the other day and brought us a HUGE bag of goodie’s. But dad said we had to wait until Christmas came. That second picture is of Annie-----waiting, and waiting and waiting.
20141225_092855But it finally happened this morning. Christmas came, and everyone was opening lots of gifts. Even us, but we did think all of the packages were for  us and offered to open them all. Big people are so finicky, they all insisted on opening  their own.
Sissy and I got lots of new toys from Santa, an equal amount for both of us, BUT
20141225_110717 (360x640)as you can see, Annie took over all of them. She is the acting Queen of all we own.
Anyway, it was a wonderful morning, and we all must have been really good, cause Santa left us all wonderful gifts. But the best gift of all is you friendship and love. One we are thankful for, every day of the year. Not just on Christmas.
Hope you all got everything you wanted. We did 3 years ago, when we came to our forever home and adopted our parents. Such a lucky day.
Merry Christmas, we love you,
Quigley and queen Annie

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

All lit up-------


20141214_150550So it’s Christmas and mom loves lights.Lots of lights, and dad loves mom, soooooooooooo he puts up lights. Outside, inside and as you can see on the two of us.


Okay, okay okay, don’t worry, those are some special kind of lights, that don’t get hot. Mom would never let us play with them if we could get hurt. And believe me, she watch’s over us like a hawk. Now if only someone would explain to me what a hawk is and how it watch’s’

Anyway, I think lights are pretty cool too and this Christmas thing is a dream. One that keeps going on and on.

May all your dreams come true and your lights burn brightly,

Love, the bright and happy,