Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Well it's Christmas eve and mom hasn't been able to figure how to put pictures on our blog yet, but we really wanted to wish all of you a most wonderful Christmas.
Aunt Ria and Hugh Scott are here and tonight our good friends Mary Ann, Les, Rich, Doug and Victor are coming. They invited Big Doc, but he is going away. We wish all of you could come and eat with us and maybe one of you would drop something on the floor-- for us (you know they never give us anything good)

May your days be blessed with love and joy, and remember, two little dogs in Pa. love you all.

Until mom can get a picture on this silly blog, smile, eat and let someone new, scratch your ears.

Love Annie and Quigley

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tree down.


20151128_133302And it wasn’t our fault. No one was hurt and the tree is standing again, thanks to dad, but it was one scary thing. As soon as it is all better (redecorated) we’ll show you how it looks.

Love Quigley and Annie

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Who’s bullying who?????


20151101_143431All I ever hear is Annie be nice to your brother. Don’t pick on him, let him play, it’s his bed too.

Well the proof is in the pudding. You tell me who is doing the picking. Doesn’t look like it’s me.

Remember things are not always as they seem.

But this thing is, I love my brub and all of you too.

Have a happy November,

Love, Annie the innocent.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Could you get the door please.


20151018_183134So, yesterday mom did something called a Craft Fair. Well it didn’t seem very fare to us. They left while it was still dark, and they put tons of stuff in the car, seemed a little strange to us.But honestly we thought we were going to see Shelli and Camille. So beside being disappointed about that not happening, it seemed they were never coming home.

Now we eat at 10 sharp in the morning, and 10 o’clock came and went and we didn’t get fed. Finally about 11 dad showed up and gave us something to eat and let us go out, but the stinker went and left again.

Sis and I talked about it, he came home without mom, just what do they do at a fair? It couldn’t have been more fun than being with us. Could it? Oh that is a scary thought.

But finally they came home, mom too and we were soooooooooo happy. But mom was beat, at least that is what she said, and they left all that stuff in the car. So there was no walk last night.

Never fear tho, this morning they cleared out the car, and silly people left the back door of the car open, and this is what happened.

WE got in and refused to get our until dad walked us. Annie kept telling them to close the door, cause the car can’t go if it’s open.

We are almost back to normal, mom is still a little tired and dad only wanted to walk once today, but they promise, tomorrow will be better.

Hope no one you love throws you over for any kind of fair, craft or not.

We sure wouldn’t.

Love the smarter than the average bear,

Quigley and Annie

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Who’s a prima Doña---

20151012_211912I am not sure why it makes them so crazy, but it does.
Since I am a working dog, (did I just say that 3 letter word about myself?) I must always be on watch. No matter where I am, I know where mom and dad and even brub are at all times. And------------because of that I always know where a warm spot may have just popped up. I like warm spots, so when mom got up to do whatever that woman is always doing, I jumped into action. Or should I say up on the action.
Really, look, there was the couch, a really comfy blanket all rolled up, and mom’s blue neck pillow, just waiting for my sweet little bones. Oh don’t worry, I don’t play favorites, as soon as dad gets up from his couch, I’m on it. And when they come back I will move, with a little help from them. But you can’t blame a girl for trying.
So here’s to your finding a warm, soft place to land. Especially one that smell’s like someone you love.
Have a happy day,
Love, the most prima like girl,

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Look who showed up yesterday.


20150914_130700So dad got home a little early yesterday and he was working in the garage.

Mom went out to check on him (she worries about him with all that sharp stuff) anyway, when she opened the door, this is what she saw.

She called to dad and said look at this bird on the railing, what is it? Dad knows all kinds of stuff, so he told her-----beats me. Mom fussed and fussed, and finally got on something she called GOO----Gal, (Google) and found that dad’s guess (he always guesses if he’s not sure) was right and it was a baby hawk.

Little hawk stayed around all day, dad got pretty close to it once to put a dish of water out for it, but he knows to NEVER try to touch a wild bird unless it’s hurt. We ( Annie and I) were worried about it, but we never even barked at it, kinda wanted it to stay.

But after a few hours, it was gone. Mom said we were blessed today, because we got to see something beautiful that lives in the wild. I was just happy because we live in a home where all animals are deemed wonderful.

Hope you are blessed today with something you never saw before. Maybe it could be us.


the quiet, Quigley and Annie

Sunday, September 13, 2015

What does traitor mean and who is Benedict Arnold

Happy, happy  joy, joy happened this weekend. Our sweet Shelli came to visit. We were a little sad because Camille and Andy stayed home, but we adjusted..
20150913_122343But then all of a sudden new words came out of mom’s mouth. Words like traitor (and when she said it, she gave us really strange looks) and something about being a Benedict Arnold.
Now what was that all about. It started the first night our sweet Shelli was here and we didn’t want her to be lonely, so we slept with her in her room and in her bed. Mom shouldn’t have cared, dad was still with her, but for some reason it made her say these silly words.
I mean it’s not like she doesn’t love Shelli, she really does, a lot. And she generally isn’t stingy with anything, but geeze, a little love to our girl and she gets all weird on us. We made up for it last night tho, we sadly let Shel sleep alone
 and went back to our bed upstairs.
Do any of you understand any of this?
We hope you get to be with someone you love that you don’t see everyday, and that no one calls you names.
Love, traitor and Benedict Arnold,
we mean Annie and Quigley