Thursday, July 9, 2015

We may be a little fuzzy, BUT

20150630_071020can you see how happy we are. Aunt Maria came to visit a little while ago and this is how we act. There was a lot of twirling and talking and licking going on. She just laughs and tells us how sweet we are. That is one smart lady.
20150705_170204Here is Annie keeping a paw on dad. Sometimes he just needs grounding, and that one little paw will do it.
We know it’s been awhile since we came by to visit, but it is either raining here or just too hot to go out, so we are being really boring. Hopefully we will do better soon.
But remember we love you and think about you all the time,
The wiggly, Quigley and the settling Annie

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Oh the indignities-------


20150616_200431Now we all know I have beautiful hair. It’s soft and luxurious. The color, well it makes everyone stop and stare.

20150616_200521But beauty comes at a price and this is it.

20150616_200537I really hate being brushed, I love being petted, but brushing is just annoying.

20150616_200547The hair on my back legs on my underbelly is curly, one of my most adorable things (if you ask me or my mom, she loves that curly hair). But because of that it tangles a lot.

20150616_200551So I can only take the brushing for so long. Dad is one determined man, boy when he gets going, he just doesn’t know when to stop,

20150616_200555Finally I have to take matters into my own hands and just say no………. I’ll eat that thing if I have to.

But I guess it’s all worth it, when it’s done I’m even more beautiful than ever and if only I could not roll in bunny poop I’d stay that way a lot longer.

Oh well, hope you all have a wonderful day.Let someone brush your hair, it means they love you,

If you were close enough I’d lick your feet, I’m not tall enough to brush anyone’s hair.

Remember we love you,

Annie and her always beautifully coifed brother, Quig

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day or Night

We so love each other. We hate to be too far apart, and lucky for us our mom wouldn’t have it any other way.
The other day, we went for a ride with mom. We went to a place called St. Vincent DePaul’s. It is a cool place where you can donate stuff you just don’t want anymore.
While mom was putting her stuff in the bin outside, some guy (we think he volunteers there) came out to empty the bins and took one look at me, (Quig) and fell in love.
He asked mom if she wanted to get rid of me------can you believe it? Mom wanting to give me up=======NEVER. She kind of laughed and said, no sir, no way. But he asked her again. Said he’d love to have me, he really liked the way I look. Again,, she said nope—and then added, he would have to cut both her arms and legs off and then cut her heart out before he could ever get close enough to even think about it, and then he’d have to go through dad.
Not happening.
Maybe he thought because we were there, that’s what she wanted. You know with all the donating stuff. Mom said we were never going on that ride again.

So here we are, together, in our house with each other and the parents. This is where we belong and where we will stay forever.
It is nice to know I’ve still got it though,
Love, the most beautiful Quigley and his forever sister, Annie.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Shake--rattle---and roll

So today is Memorial day, and dad has it off, so this morning, mom came with, and-------we went to the park. It was quiet, just a few girls to see, (of course Quig, had to flirt)  and it wasn't too hot, but dad let me go swim anyway. It is one of the best things I get to do in any day.

I really like the deep water, Quig prefers the more shallow stuff, so we both got to go in the parts that made us happy. The park in Hopwood is perfect, except for one thing, they just won't let me off leash to show my amazing abilities in the water.  So there is always a silly leash in my way.

Anyway, we hope you like this little video, if only mom got better at it, there would be more.

Wishing all of you a creek to swim in, a brother to bully and parents who always think you are adorable.
Love, the fish like girl,

Memorial day 03

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Who ever said dogs don’t look up…….


20150429_191220Okay I admit this was one really cool thing to look up at, and it wasn’t all that far up. But look up I did……

20150429_191324You have to admit that is the coolest bird’s nest you’ve ever seen. That little robin sure worked hard to make such a perfect little home for it’s baby’s.

20150429_191347But as all realtors will tell you location, location, location. Location is the most important part of any investment, and that poor little bird just didn’t think about the wild cats that roam our yard.

That little home was just too close to the ground and just too easy for those wily critters, so that beautiful little house stayed empty. But it makes us happy, and I tried to keep it safe, always on the alert to defend the helpless. And if by chance the birds come back to it, I will protect her little ones till they can fly away.

Love, always on watch,


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Riding on Sprite-----


DSC_0761 (2)Mom and dad didn’t let us go along on this excursion, but at least shared this picture with us. Camille takes riding lessons, and this is her on Sprite. Mom went on and on about how well she did. Such a little girl on such a BIG dog, I mean horse.

I think she can make it go where she wants because as mom likes to say, she is a DeCarlo girl and they are strong and determined, and as, ( Annie likes to show,) a little bossy.

It was a fun trip, even if they sometimes left us behind. Maybe next time they will let us run with the BIG dogs……maybe not.

Have a fun day,

Love Annie, the--I don’t believe them that I’m bossy, girl

Monday, May 11, 2015

Let us introduce you to-----



20150503_094745 Mom thought that I’d never want to do anything but chase a cat. But then I saw Caroline, and I fell in love. I followed her around wherever she went, even tried to go up the stairs that had no back, when she ran away from all the commotion that sometimes went on in the big room.

I even cried a little when she wouldn’t come back down to see me. She is a real beauty, don’t you think?


20150503_102137Wanted to show you what dad did while we were at the farm. He so wants to be a farm hand, so Shelli took him under her wing and showed him how to curry a horse. Piper was very patient with the newbe and made my dad one happy guy.

Here’s to you getting to do something on your bucket list, dad got to curry a horse, and I got to fall in love with a cat. Oh what a day.

Love, a happy,