Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I miss the snow.


DSC_0367It is soooooooooooooooo hot here. I know we were southern dogs when we were born. But having lived up north for so long, we can’t believe we ever liked the heat. Dad says we are just like mom. She hates hot weather.

And it’s just, plain old stinking hot here. That’s how mom explains it and we have to agree. It’s too hot to go on our second walk of the day, and so hot, mom doesn’t want us to stay outside too long.

So we decided to remember the snow, and the cold and how much we loved it.

Mom says winter will be here soon, and then we can complain about the cold.

Hope you don’t mind the heat or the cold and never have any reason to complain.



Monday, July 21, 2014

Doing Yoga with dad


20140721_070241So dad likes to do some strange movements. He even has a name for it (but you know those guys, they name EVERYTHING), anyway, he calls it Yoga.

20140721_070319We thought he was saying yogi, like the bear and it made more sense to us.

He has a long blankie that he uses when he does this stuff, and it’s a bright and pretty color. It seems he’d rather I didn’t lay on it, but it’s awfully tempting.

20140721_070339As you can see, he is even praying for me to stop. But I couldn’t help but notice the little smile on his face when he looked at me. So I’m thinking that he doesn’t mind all that much.

I’m interviewing for the job of a spotter----how do you think I did?

Anyway, if you need anyone to help you do “down dog” just give me a call.

Love, the yogi,


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Patience is a virtue--


20140719_072824At least that is what mom likes to say. (Not that she has very much------oh jeez did we just say that?)

Anyway, here we are waiting for dad to get finished helping mom. She took a really cute picture of Annie this morning, and wanted to download it so she could use it for a posting. Well when she went to download the picture, her phone said she had 5000 pictures to download. (Just a little side note----down load sounds like what we do when we drop a load on our walks. You know what I mean.)

Anyway, she knew that she hadn’t taken 5000 pictures, so she grabbed dad before he could even take us on our first walk of the day. As usual, he figured it out, fixed it, but jeez, doesn’t she know, our walk always comes first….

Sometime I think mom doesn’t think these things through. So that really cute picture of Annie, got deleted , and they took this one instead.

Oh we got our walk—in the rain—and now it’s nap time.

So, we hope you don’t have to have that silly thing called patience today.

One thing you’ll never have to wait for, is our love,

It’s there for you everyday,

Quigley and the very sweet Annie

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mom was looking for-----

JESSPOONa picture of us to share. She hasn’t taken any new ones for awhile so figured she show an old one.
And then she found this. Oh we know, that’s not us. It’s a picture of two of our predecessors. Their names were Spoon (he’s the big guy) and Jessie, she’s the little girl laying on top of him.
They were the first dynamic duo mom and dad had. And we are pretty sure that had they not been so incredible, they (mom and dad) may never have had two dogs at  the same time again. So for that we are really appreciative.
They look like they were really cool pals. Mom gets all soft and fuzzy when she talks about them. So I guess we have some really large paw prints to fill.
But we will give it the old college try. That is if we ever make it to college. Mom said we are smart enough to go, but we don’t like to be that far away from home.
Hope you have a picture of someone or something that makes you go all soft and fuzzy. Have a look at it for us.
Love the new dynamic duo,
Quigley and Annie

Friday, July 11, 2014

They had something called

20140614_112920an anniversary.
Mom and dad celebrated their 21st anniversary yesterday. I’m not sure what that means, but it made them happy, so, I was happy too.
The problem with that was, they left us alone. Do you think that I look happy about that? We have a routine, we walk at certain times, we eat at certain times and when one of them is NOT home, those things do not happen.
I am a creature of comfort. And I was not comfortable yesterday. I have been punishing them ever since. I won’t eat unless coaxed, or even better, hand fed.
I think mom has had enough, I heard her tell Aunt Ria that if I don’t eat this morning, she is going to take my food away and I’ll have to wait until my next feeding. I’m not sure I like this outcome. So I may have to rethink my strategy.
I’ll give you a call, if things get out of hand, I may need your help.
the not yet hungry Annie

P.S.---- oh yeah, I forgot to tell you--kiss up Quigley will eat his food and mine. He's just no help

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One of our many jobs.


the_tailAs you all know. Dogs remember with their noses. And as part of our daily routines we feel we should check to be sure that at some point in the night, nobody switched us out.

So when we get up. After a meal. During our walks, we take a little sniff to be sure, we are who they think we are. It was my turn here, making sure Annie was still our sweet adorable Annie. But to be honest, it would be hard for a,- want to be,- to warp into her body and convince us, it was her , if it wasn’t.

But it’s fun to check and as you can see, she doesn’t mind at all. I kind of think she is looking at me with a lot of love.

Hope everyone you sniff today, looks at you the very same way,

Love, the nosey Quig

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Waa haa haa------


smilesIt was early in the morning. Long before 6 am. We had eaten, and were out for our morning constitution…….

But then we became wild little munchkins. At least that’s what mom calls it. Mom said we look fierce, here, but actually we were laughing . Just laughing at the joy of being alive and having such a wonderful sibling. We slept long and hard all night with mom and dad, we had our chicken water with our food (don’t ask,-- we may be a little spoiled) we emptied out all the stuff that needed emptied out---so we were just having a little fun.

May your day be filled with the joy of having someone you love close. And even if you look a little fierce, remember to laugh. Loud and hard,

We did---

Love, Quigley and Annie