Saturday, March 28, 2015

We LOVE to go to the bank

084They have really cool stuff there. Big poles with strange boxes in them. And when we watch really close—like now
085sometimes the nice girls that work inside the building see us.
087And they send us these wonderful treats. Being absolutely adorable works a lot of the time in our lives and this definitely is one of them. Don’t worry about dad’s fingers, I understand gentle.
Hope you have a day full of friends giving you treats, that’s one of our favorite days,
Love a satisfied,
Quigley and Annie

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

she said “it’s that time of the year again”


121She told dad, he didn’t believe her. She told him again, and he laughed at her, saying it’s only March.

I didn’t understand, until he called her into the kitchen the next day and said those really bad words………Quigley’s got a tick. Now I’m not sure what I told you so means, but mom said it over and over and over again. It seemed a little bit of overkill if you ask me, cause it was just one little tick.

But mom had to hold my face while dad pulled it out. Oh she cooed and kissed me, told me what a good boy I am, and I even got a treat when it was all over. but---

Then they had to put the medicine on my neck, and I don’t like the smell, and it makes me sad, and I pout and fuss. And then for a full day I look sad, just like in my picture.

But not to worry, I am all better now. I’m happy and dancing around. And don’t have to think about ticks or that smelly medicine for one whole month.

So here’s to not being sad, and mom never having to say I told you so to dad ever again.

Love the tickless,


Sunday, March 15, 2015

What the heck, is that------


20150312_113552I’m not sure just what I’m looking at. It’s bright and yellow and just a little bit warm……….

Could it be that thing called the sun?


20150312_113608Mom said it would happen, and it did. Her biggest complaint now is we just don’t want to come in the house. Now quite honestly, she doesn’t mind my being out. What with how quiet I am. I just sit and enjoy the sun, BUT sissy, now that is another thing.


Oh yeah, she looks all quiet and sweet here, but the minute mom is out of sight, doing something important, or just fun, she starts. She barks and fusses, she chases bunny’s and cats. She carries on so much that I have to get into it and try to stop her. That just makes mom even crazier, cause then I start making noise, and you all know that is just not in my character. But a boy’s got to do what he has to do to protect his sister.

Anyway, the buds are starting to come out and the bunnies and doves are back, so we are sure that means Spring is here. We hope it’s pretty and bright and warm wherever you are.

We love you, and hope to be stopping in more now that the sun found it’s way back to our house. We were beginning to think we made it mad…….and might never come back again.

Happy days,

Quigley and his noisy , nosey sister, Annie

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The last snow of the season????????


20150305_062812It sure is pretty---------

20150305_063551but not as pretty as me in the snow.

20150305_063604We woke up to at least 6 inch’s of snow this morning, and mom and dad may not be thrilled, but we sure are.

Something was on my deck last night, I can smell it, maybe if I dig a little deeper, I’ll figure out what it was.

20150305_063620Sissy said it was the street cats. She thinks her smeller is better than mine, but since mine is so much bigger, I think she is wrong.

20150305_072221You have to admit it sure is pretty, but soon, this wisteria will be covered with beautiful lilac flowers, and full of singing birds. At least that is what mom is wishing for.


May your day be beautiful, and a lot warmer than ours.

Love, the biggest snow bunnies you will ever see,

Quigley and his sissy,  Annie

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I’m not getting grey


20150221_101134It’s snow, wonderful snow. Snow just like we love it. Except for the fact that we can’t walk when it’s icy as well as being cold. Mom doesn’t mind us going in and out a million times a day, even though she has to wipe us off every time.----------------

20150221_101141--------------- Cause we make her feel really guilty when we don’t walk twice a day. I think it has something to do with the fact that mom is Italian and she says Italian’s are really  good at making their loved ones feel guilty. I guess we learned it from her.

Anyway, mom says every morning that we are, one day closer to spring and that when that happens we will start going on our long and wonderful walks again. She said we can even call big Doc and have him and the little 4 leggers come with us.

So here’s to no more snow,more sun and green grass, and not having to make mom feel guilty ever again.

Love to all of you,


Friday, February 13, 2015

What????? She’s home-----


20150212_210108Oh boy, our cousin Tee is home. She wasn’t feeling well, but mom said she is all better and going home today.

I figure cousin Marie is thrilled, and of course her kitty too,  BUT-----------------------

20150121_133555it looks like my sissy is as happy as anyone. Here she is yelling hooray.

So welcome home Tee, keep feeling good and know that a couple of dogs in Pa. are soooooooooo happy you are home again. Oh, mom and dad are pleased as punch too.

We love you,

Quigley and Annie

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

And they called it puppy love-----


DSC_0725As mom told you this morning, we love,love,love the snow. We’ve been in and out a million times, at least that’s what mom says. Something about having to get up and letting us out and then having to get up  and letting us in……Oh well


And this is what is called sibling rivalry. Don’t look to close at Annie’s crazy face, the minute this was done, she was kissing me hard. I don’t want you to worry, we never really fight, this was just good clean fun.

Go back to the first picture of the angelic little pups, that love you so much, and forget about the crazy one that came next.

Stay warm and dry,

the jeckal and hydes of the dog world,

Annie and Quigley