Thursday, November 27, 2014

What we are Thankful for------


20141127_085304Well of course, we are thankful for being adopted by mom and dad, and the fact that they let us sleep on couch’s and beds and anything that happens to be soft. That they take us to the farm and let us run like wild animal’s and play with Andy and kiss Camille.

That our family includes Aunt Maria and H and Aunt’s Sue Ann and Cookie and our softy uncle Eddie.

20141127_085804But lets face it, today is about food and WE LOVE food. Can you believe the size of this turkey? Just for the two of them, and do you think they will share with us? NOPE, not one bite.

20141127_090312And then there is our crazy dad. He makes mom laugh all the time. We aren’t sure just what he was doing here, but whatever it was, it made them happy.

One more thing we are thankful for, it’s all of you who come and visit when we have something to say. You are the best.

So a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. May your days be happy and your belly’s be full, and always remember,

we love you.

Annie and Quigley

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Look, there are only 4


20141122_075347-0legs that is……..

My mom is a wonderful woman, but sometimes she says the silliest things. I overheard her telling dad that at night, when she is trying to sleep, I grow lots of legs. Now I’m not sure just what she means by that, as you can see, I only have 4 legs, and adorable, strong ones they are.

It seems that even though she loves that I sleep on pillows above their heads, there are times that when I stretch out, I encroach on her space. (Like that space didn’t become mine, when we moved in) Anyway, she seems to think that my legs multiply by at least 4. I can’t help that my feet often end up in her eye or ear, and sometimes, (now this is a mistake) in her mouth if she should yawn.

So anyway, I’ve got proof now. 4 legs, 4 feet, that is all I have, and she’ll just have to deal.

Hope you can stretch out as much as you want, and that you always have someone you love on a pillow above your head.

Love, the misunderstood,


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We finally figured it out……


20141115_235640As you know mom and dad go down into that black hole that they call a basement, a lot…….

Annie and I don’t trust it, so we NEVER go with them down there.  But I think we finally figured it out’

They grow trees down there. Once a year they head down and come up with one of these.

20141118_062801Oh it doesn’t look like this when they first bring it up, it’s kind of bare and in pieces.

But mom seems to be so proud of their work that she insists on dressing it up. We have to admit, it looks pretty when she is done, and Annie especially likes it. It give’s her one more thing to guard.

So if someone you love disappears into your black hole, keep hope maybe they will come up with one of these.

Here’s to bright lights and songs that you like to sing along to, and lots of smiling mom’s.

Love, from a getting decorated house,


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mom’s been so busy



20141112_162731I tried talking to dad about it, but honestly, sometimes he just ignores me.

Mom loves doing craft stuff. Now I don’t know if you know what that is, but I’ll explain. It is when she go’s into the sunroom, and makes a major mess. Now we are NOT judging, but if we did that---wooooo, just saying.

So anyway, her craft fair is today. Lucky for her Aunt Maria took all the stuff to her house to sell, but she got commissioned to do something else, so the mess continues.

20141114_210657Quig, has a hard time,making sure she doesn’t overdo. It wore the poor little boy out. Here he is protecting dad’s Uggs, and making sure nothing bad happens to dad’s feet.

It’s Ugg weather here, cold and snow coming. With any luck, we will have some pictures to share soon.

Stay warm, and make a mess if it makes you happy. It sure does mom, and as we have always heard, when momma’s happy, everyone gets to be happy.

We love you,

Annie and the worn out Quig

Sunday, November 9, 2014

How mean can a parent be?

20141109_155727Meat----pork actually. Juicy pork that mom made sauce with. Oh the smell’s----the fragrance is amazing-----tempting.
We are not allowed people food, but you have to admit, they are just being mean, letting me get so close and not giving in.
Could you resist this face? Could you say no? I swear sometimes I think I need to advertise for a new home, one that lets me eat all I want, when I want and whatever I want.
But to do that I’d have to leave sissy, and dad, and my mom. I just don’t think any food is worth that. But if any of you want to baby sit me and let me eat off of your table, I’m yours for a weekend.
Love, the very hungry,

Friday, November 7, 2014

We’re just a couple of kids


2014-08-08 12.28.36_resizedwho happen to love each other.

The word is, soon it won’t be as empty here. No their not getting another dog, mom is revving up to start her Christmas decorating.

Now we kind of remember what that is all about, lots of boxes, and no where for us to sleep until all the boxes go away. It gets really cozy and warm when the tree goes up, be don’t really understand it, but we like it anyway. Especially the part about Santa and us opening gifts.

So we decided to just enjoy the room for a little while longer, and then enjoy the warmth.

Have a restful day, and get as close to the one you love as you can.


Love, the snuggle bunnies,

Annie and Quigley

Thursday, November 6, 2014

And they say…..


20141008_082745Quigley is a cuddle bug. Just look at this. This is my Aunt Sue Ann, she’s dad’s sister. She was here a month or so ago, and I really liked her. She said she is a cat person, now I’ve got nothing against cats. I even lived with one when we went to Camille’s (but to be honest, I’d put up with anyone, or anything to see Camille) but I’m not sure a cat can give this much BIG love.

So when she would be getting ready to eat her breakfast, I’d sit with her, just to make her smile. It worked every time.

This is proof, beautiful, sometimes aloof girl’s really are nice. Okay, so I’m never aloof, but you get the idea.

Have a wonderful day, and I hope you have someone to snuggle you when you are eating your breakfast.